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Worlds First Industrial Robot for Tattooing Humans

In a modern technology there was new invent that now you can get skin art using modern industrial robot. However there is not much pain occurs in using robots for tattooing. Having tattoo makes memories in life and enjoyment over friends to show the colorful design of tattoo.
Advancements in technology the giant robot can art tattoo in skin with perfect design and quality of painting, there are several projects are available now for explaining how the industrial robots could draw an art.  

Autodesk engineer David Thomasson adds that, "Our research is really focused on this more intimate relationship that people are likely to have with machines in the not-too-distant future," Thomasson says. "This project is really pushing that to the limit."
Worlds First Industrial Robot for Tattooing Humans
Worlds First Industrial Robot for Tattooing Humans

However Makerbot 3D printer with a tattoo gun are there in previous year for awesome designs and they said to be they call Tatoue. Now advance robot machine could help people reduce the artist workload and makes life much sophisticated and easier to art.

How the Robots Art a Tattoo Subject to Human

To art a tattoo there are some procedure should followed and algorithms added to robot with codes. It involves the robot scans the skin area with 3D tech using software, hence some codes are given to robots then robot can art a tattoo subject to humans.
When it comes to design and accuracy, industrial robots plays major role in tattooing for futuristic purpose. Digitized Technology and powerful equipment makes the tattoo art becomes simpler and more perfect.

Watch the industrial robot and tattoo art: "World's First Tattoo by Industrial Robot" on Vimeo

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