Top 10 Japanese Tattoo Designs & Their Meanings

Nowadays Japanese tattoos have gained a lot of popularity. If you are searching for a unique idea of a Japanese tattoo to get yourself inked then you should keep reading this article. Here is a list of the top 10 Japanese tattoo designs and their meanings which give you the inspiration to get inked with such tattoos. This list will help you to visualize which design you want to get yourself inked with. This Japanese tattoo has a variety of meanings and implications. These Japanese tattoo meanings present your particular personality according to its designs. You should be fully aware of the meaning and symbolism of the tattoo you are getting done on your body!

The Japanese Tattoo of Skulls – Zugaikotsu Tattoo:

The Japanese Tattoo of Skulls & Zugaikotsu Tattoos
The Japanese Tattoo of Skulls & Zugaikotsu Tattoos

The symbolic implication of a skull in western culture is observed as a negative significance. But according to the Japanese culture, this Japanese tattoo has a different meaning. This tattoo symbolizes natural life cycle, projecting the greatest change one can experience that is the experience of death.

The Japanese Kiku Tattoo of Chrysanthemum:

Japanese Tattoo of Chrysanthemum - Kiku Tattoos
Japanese Chrysanthemum – Kiku Tattoos

The symbol of Kiku can be traced as a representation of the seal of the Emperor himself. Chrysanthemum is a flower which symbolizes perfection as its petals radiate like flames of the sun at the center of the tattoo art. This Japanese tattoo represents the Emperor’s status in the social situation. This Japanese tattoo meaning has wide implications upon the Japanese culture as a whole.

The Japanese Oni Tattoo of Demon:

The Japanese Tattoo of Demon - Oni Tattoos
The Japanese Demon – Oni Tattoos

This tattoo depicts a malevolent horned character. This Japanese tattoo meaning is that it stands as a representation of demon in the Japanese culture. Here, Oni is the god of the spirit world who carries out the role of punishing the unjust and the evil. In the 14th century actors used to use the Hannya Mask as Japanese prop while performing in the Noh Theater. This mask was mistaken with the figure of Oni.

The Japanese Ryu Tattoo of Dragon:

The Japanese Tattoo of Dragon - Ryu Tattoos
The Japanese Dragon – Ryu Tattoos

A major misconception is that the dragon is a fire breathing, cave-lurking, selfish and terrifying creature. This Japanese tattoo meaning is that the design of the dragon stands as a symbol of wisdom and strength. It also represents that power can be manipulated for the benefit of people.

The Japanese Karashishi Tattoo of Fu Dog:

The Japanese Tattoo of Fu Dog - Karashishi Tattoos
The Japanese Fu Dog – Karashishi Tattoos

This Japanese tattoo is popularly known as the “Lion of Buddha”. It accurately represents the qualities of a lion that is, protection and courage rather than of a dog as the name has been kept as the ‘Fu Dog’. So if you have a personality of a lion then get yourself inked with this tattoo!

The Japanese Sakura Tattoo of Cherry Blossoms:

The Japanese Tattoo of Cherry Blossoms - Sakura Tattoos
The Japanese Cherry Blossoms – Sakura Tattoos

This tattoo depicts a cherry blossom which is quite fragile thereby representing the fragile nature of human nature. The life cycle of this flower is an effective symbolic mechanism for an individual’s life.

The Japanese Hou-ou Tattoo of Phoenix:

The Japanese Tattoo of Phoenix - Hou-ou Tattoos
The Japanese Phoenix – Hou-ou Tattoos

Phoenix is one of the popular mythical characters in almost all the cultures. But this Japanese tattoo meaning is same for all the cultures. It stands as a symbol of triumph, resurrection, rebirth and fire.

The Japanese Namakubi Tattoo of Severed Head:
The Japanese Tattoo of Severed Head - Namakubi Tattoos
The Japanese Severed Head – Namakubi Tattoos

The symbol of this Japanese tattoo represents the image of fear, respect, and warning. This is a symbol of one’s fate and the punishment received by an individual.

The Japanese Hebi Tattoo of Snake:
The Japanese Tattoo of Snake - Hebi Tattoos
The Japanese Snake – Hebi Tattoos

This Japanese tattoo is another supernatural depiction which acts as a protection against illness, disaster, and bad fortune.

The Japanese Botan Tattoo of Peony:
The Japanese Tattoo of Peony - Botan Tattoos
The Japanese Botan Tattoos

The Peony stands as a symbol of wealth, elegance, and prosperity. The design is a flower but it has a different implication in the Japanese culture. It symbolizes a masculine devil- may- care attitude, rather than being a feminine personality.

These were the top 10 Japanese tattoo and Japanese Tattoo meanings for you to decide which one you want as a body art! If you want more inspiration for the next Japanese tattoo ideas then keep waiting for our next articles.

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